Daily Podcast – FBCH: try this.

We all have some sort of ritual as we begin the day.  For some of us it’s as thin as slapping the snooze on the alarm clock a certain number of times.  For others it’s as thick as a multi-staged hours-long “happy place”.

For my wife and I, it’s drinking coffee from 6-7 before the kids get up, and listening to a podcast.  Katherine does a Bible study, while I listen to Dr. Albert Mohler’s daily radio podcast.

I would invite you to join us in listening to this podcast.  I have introduced the podcast to several people in our church, and I think it’s time for the church at large to consider working this into their daily routine.

This is for people that like news, and like to think.

Dr. Mohler’s podcast is called “The Briefing”.  It is a daily analysis of news and events from around the world from a distinctly Word-centered perspective.  It has become invaluable to me, as I dissect and analyze what I hear in the news.  He basically interprets what our ears are accosted by from the major news outlets on a daily basis.  I commend to you at least 1 week of listening to Dr. Mohler daily.  If it’s not for you, then don’t listen any more.  But if it is, then you’ll be now more equipped to listen to and interpret world events.

The material ranges all sorts of headlines and topics.  For instance, this week he talked about all sorts of things from the downed airliner in the Indian Ocean, to the topic of Baptism of the Holy Spirit to the Putin takeover of Crimea.


The website

The iTunes store direct link to add to your daily podcast

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