Mission Trip to Houston

I just returned from “mudding out” a house.  It’s hard to describe the devastation and all that goes with it.  Family heirlooms being carried out in wheelbarrows, ceilings and insulation coming down in rooms where they brought their babies home from the hospital.  And the smell…  fish and rot and stale.
This particular house had 8 ft 8 inches of water in it.  When I would break through the ceiling, water would come pouring down.  The insulation was soaked.  The dry wall would crumble in to my hand creating a paste … on everything.
This family had a son who is a pastor in Baton Rouge, and his church had mobilized to come and help them gut their house.  We had lots of help on this home.  But as I pulled out of the neighborhood, I saw several houses that had no one but the husband and wife carrying their furniture to the curb while the kids played with muddy toys in the soppy yard.
If you are interested in making a trip, the 5th through the 15th would be a good window.  I have people in my church who will host you, and you can do mud out work during the day as a team.  We cannot pay for your food or anything – we need you to cover those costs.  But we can likely house you.
This disaster isn’t like Katrina.  We have gasoline, and food and the grocery stores.  And not everyone was affected.  Some people are able to go on as though nothing at all even happened.  But some have lost everything.  It’s also interesting to see SO many people helping in recovery and mud out efforts.
To be clear: no one in my church was devastated.  We simply have a community all around us that was.  So, we would go door to door seeking people to help, and trying to be kind to them while we offer them the Gospel.  If that’s what you want to do, then come on.
Jeremy Blest is our Director of Missions and Evangelism at our church.  He has coordinated teams before.  He will assign you to someone in our church to coordinate your logistics.  We’re playing everything by ear.  But we’d love to have you send some folks to help.  And as of right now, I think there’s plenty of work to be done.  But the sooner you can get here, the better.
Jeremy Blest: jeremy_blest@hotmail.com
If you only want to give financially, we need gift cards to Wal Mart and Home Depot.  Some of these will be given to families, and some of this could be used to buy supplies to help mud out homes.  You can send those gift cards to me at this address:
NorthEast Houston Baptist Church
C/o John Powell
18000 West Lake Houston Parkway
Humble, TX 77346

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